Oh my poor bloggy, I used to write on you so much, but now you’ve been replaced by my daily Instagram postings! Some of the recent posts… new book characters, more and more birds, art gifts from friends and more. If you are on there, come say hello – I’m @jessesmess xx

OH and today, after an intense few months, I finished my artwork for an upcoming book with Windy Hollow, written by Tania McCartney. Joyful day! Cover to go, and then the champagne shall be drunk… Above, a little scene from within.

Birds on Many It’s 

I’ve been a bit quiet here, but flat out elsewhere with many illustration projects on. For a little stress release I started painting birds, and selling them cheap on Instagram. They’ve taken flight! There’s been a wonderful response to them and I’ve loved seeing them reappear in people’s houses, like this guy who went to photographer Penny Lane…  

 I’m on insta under @jessesmess so if you want to see the collection so far and for the next couple of months, come say hi x

A Quote to Live By

This year as part of a wonderful group I’m involved with we decided to find a quote for our studio wall and create an artwork based on it. I’m interested in finding out my purpose with drawing, find out why I’m here, and what energizes me to keep going. I found this quote by Susan Sontag,

“Do stuff. be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. stay eager.” Susan Sontag

Here is my artwork, which I’ve also made into a giclee print for anyone else that would like it for their wall too….quotejessracklyeft

By coincidence while I was posting this, I’ve been listening to this inspiring podcast by Andy Pizza: – have a listen on your next art making session to get revved up for the year.

Design for Friends4Life

AnnaDI recently created this little greeting card design for non-profit organisation Friends4Life (ngo created by Lonely Planet author Alan Murphy). I don’t have a whole lot of money to donate myself this year – but I can do drawings like this that may hopefully inspire others to help – so if you have a small foundation/non-profit group I can donate some art for, please let me know.

A House of Cards

I’ve been working on a new range of cards (I’ve been posting a few of the illustrations over the past couple of months on here) and have put together a few collection options on my Etsy site – 6 pack/12 packs/thank you mix etc. Below is a little photoshoot, slowly slowly I am learning the art of taking a product shot (I must say, rather more difficult than I expected!). They are now available for sale, and hopefully find their merry way mailed around the world!

Dreaming of Another World

mermaidIt’s bloody cold in Melbourne, and although I love it, at times I dream of a warm ocean, sparkling waves, and an under the sea forest. I found such a paradise once (Kauai – a spiritual place) and wouldn’t mind being zapped there for a few days to warm the bones and settle the mind!

Happy Anniversary!

Some dear pals celebrated their first recently and got me to a do a watercolour of their kiss as hubby and wifey…. Paper is the first “medium” for wedding anniversaries (I’m up to leather!?).salanddan

In an amazing feat, the brides dad created this beautiful heart sculpture with WA wildflowers, that travelled all the way to the UK. It was very special to draw these happy friends. True love indeed! xx



It’s been a good month! The exhibition at Dench went really well (hurrah!) and I’m looking at a few fun upcoming ways to sell work, eg markets and retail. I’ve been working on some custom portraits, some drawings for a book, and a logo design for a great charity (more on this later). Meanwhile I’ve been experimenting with new materials and loving playing with decals on my collection of op shop plates…photo-36


Super fun. Next is working out a great way to attach them to the wall… I’ve always wanted one of those walls of super duper plates like this!


Image from Eatwell.


30 Day Project

I’ve decided to take part in the 30 Day Project – I seem to be signing up for a lot of things right now. It must be winter.

From their press release,
“Creative people often have the luxury of being able to do anything but just as
often end up doing nothing. Thirty Days Project is thirty deadlines; finish a piece
of creative work by then end of each day.
Tasks expand to fill the time allotted to them, and this is especially true of the
tasks of every-day life. For too many of us minor necessities expand to fill the
hours of the day at the expense of creative endeavours.
Creativity, however, often responds well to a little external pressure. More
precisely, the pressure of a deadline “encourages” decisions to be made which in
turn allow creativity to flow unimpeded.
Thirty Days turns on the pressure with thirty daily deadlines. Each deadline
forces the artist to choose a subject, an approach and a tool and create
something by the end of the day.”

Well said I say.

Illo Friday – Beginnings

You know when life throws punches at you over and over and you realise perhaps, I need to do something different?

I drew this for a pal as she faces some new beginnings (and some major endings) after facing quite a few punches over the last few years. You can duck and weave, but sometimes you have to hop off the course and try something completely beautifully new.

One beginning we are going to do together is meditation class. That shall be grand. The rest, she will be doing on her own, and it will be hard I’m sure. But transformative, as all change is.