30 Day Project

I’ve decided to take part in the 30 Day Project – I seem to be signing up for a lot of things right now. It must be winter.

From their press release,
“Creative people often have the luxury of being able to do anything but just as
often end up doing nothing. Thirty Days Project is thirty deadlines; finish a piece
of creative work by then end of each day.
Tasks expand to fill the time allotted to them, and this is especially true of the
tasks of every-day life. For too many of us minor necessities expand to fill the
hours of the day at the expense of creative endeavours.
Creativity, however, often responds well to a little external pressure. More
precisely, the pressure of a deadline “encourages” decisions to be made which in
turn allow creativity to flow unimpeded.
Thirty Days turns on the pressure with thirty daily deadlines. Each deadline
forces the artist to choose a subject, an approach and a tool and create
something by the end of the day.”

Well said I say.

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