A Love Story

Valentines isn’t for everyone (and not really for my boy and I either) but I thought it was a great time to share a lovely project I’ve worked on this past week.

Judith and Ron are celebrating their 63rd wedding anniversary soon, and to celebrate I worked with Judith on a portrait of them from the past and the present. They “still have a great fun time together” and you could see their long, strong love in their photos.


A House of Cards

I’ve been working on a new range of cards (I’ve been posting a few of the illustrations over the past couple of months on here) and have put together a few collection options on my Etsy site – 6 pack/12 packs/thank you mix etc. Below is a little photoshoot, slowly slowly I am learning the art of taking a product shot (I must say, rather more difficult than I expected!). They are now available for sale, and hopefully find their merry way mailed around the world!

Portrait in Action

I’ve been cranking out the custom portraits this year, and had fun drawing this portrait of graphic designer also known by Jess for her blog Ra Ra Do. (See below – the little picture on the right!). Jess shares beautiful images, inspiration and other such lovely things on her website. Check it!

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 1.45.22 PM

The World is a Great Place

Every now and then I’ve done some lovely trades on Etsy for some artwork or jewellery and it has always been a positive experience. This past week I got two of the sweetest packages…Firstly a beautiful photograph from Simonamilona in Spain:


And then this amazing embroidery based on a Picasso drawing, which I fell in love with, by Emily.


She was beyond sweet to create a necklace embroidery based on one of my drawings. Oh MY! I’m so lucky!


And how great is the world when you can trade artworks across the globe with such beautiful people?


Plate Portraits!

I keep mentioning my haul of art materials from Xmas… the fun continues! I was given some Porcelain Pens for drawing straight onto ceramics (see below post for another mention) but I thought I might try out some custom portraits onto them for long lasting fun… And some good gifts for some friends who recently got engaged and my sis who had a baby. portraitbaby2

Etsy Prints



After a long hiatus, I’m back on Etsy having fun with this little Gelli printer and illustrations. I feel like I need a lot more work to make the Etsy space sellable… tagging and promoting and the like, but for the moment it’s an easy way to share my latest bits and bobs – I seem to be making a lot at the moment, go new year’s inspiration go!