If Baby Could Talk

It’s the first day of Spring, and the release day for If Baby Could Talk, my new book written by Michael Wagner and published by Windy Hollow. It was super fun to work on as my baby was just the right age to model for me for this book, and was learning to walk as I was painting walking babies… hurrah!

If you are at a loose end tomorrow, we are launching this book at The Little Bookroom at 3pm, with champagne, cupcakes, balloons and hurrahs!


The finale! 

The final for my five weeks of home decor creating is themed around wood products – with a focus on textured and the baby world. It’s been a really great course and I’ve loved learning new ways of doing things, as well as seeing the incredible work my classmates have created.  


Home Decor – Metal

In a bid to learn new tricks and create some different work I’m now doing a five week intensive on home decor, the first week being a metal based line for baby rooms. Looking forward to learning a lot and hopefully not having toooo many late nights!  


New Work

Being the new year and all, I thought it was time to experiment with some new mediums after “the year of the watercolour” in 2013. I’ve been working with digital “paper cuts” of acrylic paint textures, and creating some kids prints which has been fun! More to come… Oh, and I’ve finally set up a store here to share the latest prints and other bits and bobs (way more to be added soon).


Some pictures from a little project for a baby’s room – based on the little poppet’s favourite toys, including Sophie the Giraffe having a picnic after their game of croquet. This was a little tricky to photograph with my own baby wanting to be attached to my leg the whole time 🙂


Plate Portraits!

I keep mentioning my haul of art materials from Xmas… the fun continues! I was given some Porcelain Pens for drawing straight onto ceramics (see below post for another mention) but I thought I might try out some custom portraits onto them for long lasting fun… And some good gifts for some friends who recently got engaged and my sis who had a baby. portraitbaby2