Mixed Updates

It’s been busy times here, I’m working on a kids book and other client projects, doing a children’s book course and as a result, the studio (and perhaps my mind) is a bit of a mess! Rather than break down project by project, here’s some images from projects and more updates can be read in my monthly newsletter: http://eepurl.com/ciiMqj

Global Talent Search

I’ve joined the wonderful community of illustrators taking courses through Make Art That Sells this past year, and it’s been invaluable to push my work, learn more about different markets and presentation and develop friendships with talented artists I’ve long admired who are also taking the courses. So I was thrilled to recently make it into the top 50 for the annual “Global Talent Search” with this entry (you had a fun assignment designing a tea set!). Now I’m busily working on the next project and having a ball, details will be out next week 😬 


The finale! 

The final for my five weeks of home decor creating is themed around wood products – with a focus on textured and the baby world. It’s been a really great course and I’ve loved learning new ways of doing things, as well as seeing the incredible work my classmates have created.  


More Decor!

Week 3 – glass and patterns and week 4- ceramic and typography have taught me a thing or two about pushing myself vs going with the flow, playing with more colour and having a lot of fun imagining up products. One more week to go – it’s been intense but great! 


Home Decor – Metal

In a bid to learn new tricks and create some different work I’m now doing a five week intensive on home decor, the first week being a metal based line for baby rooms. Looking forward to learning a lot and hopefully not having toooo many late nights!