MATS Children’s Book Course

Over the past five weeks I’ve taken an intensive children’s course via the great team at Make Art That Sells.  This course was my favourite topic – children’s books (!) and was taught by the lovely Lilla Rogers and very knowledgable art director Zoe Tucker. It was very exhausting but fantastic to be learning new skills in this area, and I focused on the story The Owl and the Pussycat. My assignments below.

Global Talent Search – Second Assignment

Hola! I was so excited to recently make it to the top 50 from almost 1000 entries for Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search (details below). The assignment was based on Sunny and her cafe cookbook, and as she’s a pretty cool babe I was inspired by my local cafe who delivers bread to create a dessert bike bar.

Today is the last day you can vote for my entry – I’m hoping to make it to the top six – egad! If you have a momento and you don’t mind throwing my entry a vote, you can do so right here (along with four more votes – so go get some eye candy!). THANK YOU xxxx



I’ve just finished the last assignment of the MATS Bootcamp – another great collection of projects, has been super fun. Here’s all my assignments! Varied in medium, but I think maybe just maybe the style is getting more consistent even when I don’t realise it is…

The finale! 

The final for my five weeks of home decor creating is themed around wood products – with a focus on textured and the baby world. It’s been a really great course and I’ve loved learning new ways of doing things, as well as seeing the incredible work my classmates have created.  


More Decor!

Week 3 – glass and patterns and week 4- ceramic and typography have taught me a thing or two about pushing myself vs going with the flow, playing with more colour and having a lot of fun imagining up products. One more week to go – it’s been intense but great! 


Week 2: Fabric

Week 2 of the Home Decor class I am taking is on Fabric, so very well adapted to anything illustrative. Once again I am working with soft colours (but got a bit braver this week) and focused on a kid’s bedroom… Or I would possibly sneak a few of these items into my room too! These take ages but I’m finding the experience, especially of mocking things up, really invaluable to really see what works (for me at least!).JESS_RACKLYEFT_FLOWERMOUNTAINBABY_HD2_WEEK2

Home Decor – Metal

In a bid to learn new tricks and create some different work I’m now doing a five week intensive on home decor, the first week being a metal based line for baby rooms. Looking forward to learning a lot and hopefully not having toooo many late nights!