Plate Portraits!

I keep mentioning my haul of art materials from Xmas… the fun continues! I was given some Porcelain Pens for drawing straight onto ceramics (see below post for another mention) but I thought I might try out some custom portraits onto them for long lasting fun… And some good gifts for some friends who recently got engaged and my sis who had a baby. portraitbaby2

Custom Portraits

etsyMy day is a bit more settled now in baby land, and I’ve been so glad to get back into some art projects. Awhile ago I did some custom projects for new families, married couples etc – was great fun! I’m getting back into it – digital and watercolours – and going to start selling them again on Etsy. 

Here is an example of a digital version I did for a cute couple’s 40th wedding anniversary party!

Illo Friday – Beginnings

You know when life throws punches at you over and over and you realise perhaps, I need to do something different?

I drew this for a pal as she faces some new beginnings (and some major endings) after facing quite a few punches over the last few years. You can duck and weave, but sometimes you have to hop off the course and try something completely beautifully new.

One beginning we are going to do together is meditation class. That shall be grand. The rest, she will be doing on her own, and it will be hard I’m sure. But transformative, as all change is.

Custom Portraits

Recently I’ve begun doing custom portraits, beginning with my friend Kerry who commissioned me to draw a family portrait of her sister, baby and hubby. Kerry is a star as she is always has faith in my work, and seems to be the first to invest in my work – whether it be for her website or family portrait! Thanks Kerry. 🙂

Anyway, since then I’ve had a few more a really loved to create them – it’s really an honour to be asked. I thought I would share this recent one, given to a cat loving lass for her birthday.

Now offering through Etsy.