Custom Portraits

Recently I’ve begun doing custom portraits, beginning with my friend Kerry who commissioned me to draw a family portrait of her sister, baby and hubby. Kerry is a star as she is always has faith in my work, and seems to be the first to invest in my work – whether it be for her website or family portrait! Thanks Kerry. 🙂

Anyway, since then I’ve had a few more a really loved to create them – it’s really an honour to be asked. I thought I would share this recent one, given to a cat loving lass for her birthday.

Now offering through Etsy.

One thought on “Custom Portraits

  1. Yay Jessie, I'm so pleased you're doing more custom portraits. My sis and her husband love the one you did for them! Will be great for you to meet at the wedding :)It's easy to have faith in you cos you're an absolute star. Love your work! xx

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