New Paintings

I’m going to having an exhibition at the lovely Antipodes bookshop and gallery in June, and it’s inspired me to try a new process to create some colourful paintings. Refreshing for me who normally watercolours everything to be splattering bright acrylics around!  Here are some works in progress… Details of the exhibition to be posted soon. 




 I’m so happy to be a part of this amazing exhibition on in just under two weeks in Melbourne, with pairings of artists and writers to create the work. Organised by Shannyn Higgins (her work can be seen here) it’s going to be a pretty spectacular show methinks! Project website here including portraits Shannyn took of all the participants, including me!  


Rainbow Papers

I’ve been experimenting with wrapping paper (wallpaper?!) designs…. Good timing to celebrate the rainbow on the internet after the amazing news that the US has moved forward in allowing same sex couples to marry. Move along Australia! wrappingpaperflwoers wrappingpaperzoorepeat

Peace be on Earth

This has been a wonderful year, and I am very grateful.  Thank you to everyone who’s supported my work this year, or provided mentoring, opportunities or hellos. I feel so lucky that I am working as a freelancer now, and some of the projects have been more fun than I could really call “work.”

For now I’ve also finally slowed down, begun napping again (!) and enjoying some time out with my husband and two year old (and mum visiting!). A happy Xmas to everyone, may you have a restful safe break filled with fine food and family. xxpeaceonearth

Semi Permanent Annual

I was delighted to join some inspiring artists in this year’s edition of Semi Permanent’s Annual – a bargain of inspiration really at $20 clams! The theme this year was evolution, and this gorilla mama really shows how us humans have evolved.

Semi Permanent's Annual themed on Evolution

Semi Permanent’s Annual themed on Evolution