’52 Drawings

I’ve been very disciplined at making sure I do at least one drawing each week for the ’52 Week Illustration Challenge. It’s been a great way to experiment with media, and without some sort of theme I often get stuck on ideas – so loved the weekly prompt to kick me off. Here is a collection from the past few weeks…

A Little Collection

After many years of watercolour love I’ve recently purchased my first batch of gouache paints, and to get used to them I’ve been working on a little series of original paintings that are hopefully going to be sold through a local art framers. Here’s the series so far!

allaboard dogisnta wolfie

Peace be on Earth

This has been a wonderful year, and I am very grateful.  Thank you to everyone who’s supported my work this year, or provided mentoring, opportunities or hellos. I feel so lucky that I am working as a freelancer now, and some of the projects have been more fun than I could really call “work.”

For now I’ve also finally slowed down, begun napping again (!) and enjoying some time out with my husband and two year old (and mum visiting!). A happy Xmas to everyone, may you have a restful safe break filled with fine food and family. xxpeaceonearth

52 Week Challenge: Sunshine

Tania’s lovely 52 Week Challenge is almost at the end of the year! But do not fear, it will be back in 2015 with another 52 snappy challenges (and I’ll be helping behind the scenes next year too). But this week’s theme is Sunshine, and to kick off Melbourne’s and and off again summer, here is my drawing for this week. sunshine