So I got this new printer, that I really really like – finally I can print giclees at home! I am overly excited about it, and have a little giveaway on one of the recent prints. You can enter on my Facebook (link just on the right of this post) – but just until tomorrow (Friday) or see the print range for sale on Etsy. Woohoo!

4 thoughts on “Giveaway…

    • Thanks Vera! It is an Epson R3000 (I think that’s the name!). A whole new world of giclee beauty, after I’ve been doing it at a print centre for a long time. Love having my own!

      • Thank’s for your reply!
        The print looks gorgeus. 🙂
        Is it expensive?..
        By the way, love your work and your blog, just found it, but I will visit a lot.
        Love from Sweden

  1. Oh that’s lovely, and a Swedish art eye is the best! Thank you. It’s mid range for printers I guess, a stretch but hopefully will work out cheaper than doing at the local art printers all the time 🙂

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