Silver Lining

  This product is part of the #makeforgood collection, a project powered by Australian Etsy sellers and in support of Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl campaign. 30% of the sale price of this product will be donated to Plan’s Because I Am A Girl Campaign. It’s $30 USD, and a limited run of 30 copies! In my Etsy shop now:

All funds raised will go towards supporting projects that help promote the equal rights of all children, helping lift girls around the world – and their entire communities – out of poverty. To learn more about this project go to 


I’m back in the studio after a lovely break, and ready to crank into 2015. Portraits are coming in and I thought I’d share this large one that finished off 2014… a team of great work buddies, and lots of fun to draw. May your “Year of the Goat” be filled with the things that make you happy.estimateonefinal


I went to the Archibald a few days ago and was blown away from the portraits! Highly recommended. Now let’s just say I’m not quite thinking these are in the same league (ha!) but I thought I would share some recent portraits from my Etsy shop for lovely weddings/anniversaries/births/new houses celebrations – I’m honoured to be involved.

La Fin – The Things Series

Over the past few months I have been working on some art prints for Finders Keepers/Xmas markets, and my Etsy store. I bring you the complete THINGS SERIES!


So I got this new printer, that I really really like – finally I can print giclees at home! I am overly excited about it, and have a little giveaway on one of the recent prints. You can enter on my Facebook (link just on the right of this post) – but just until tomorrow (Friday) or see the print range for sale on Etsy. Woohoo!