What I’ve been up to…

Hanging with this little lady! Ivy was born on the 23rd of July… she turned 5 weeks old yesterday.

She arrived peacefully (yay for Calmbirth classes, yoga, acupuncture, tens machine and all the other tricks I had up my sleeve for the birth) and is a very chilled bambino, though we haven’t quite mastered much sleep as yet (getting 1 x 3-4 hour block at night plus another 2 hour one somewhere in the early hours). She can nap away in her sling or being held, but this doesn’t bode well for naps for her mama.

Medley of sleeping Ivy Instagram shots from her first few weeks here at Park Street.

It’s been an amazing first few weeks – hazy (from lack of sleep), happy and healthy. She’s just beautiful and M and I are loving our new life as parents. 

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