Next week the Bologna Children’s Book Fair commences – and after 12 years, I will be there once again!

I used to sell co-editions for a children’s publisher and was so lucky to go – it blew me away. I still have some photos from that trip (why do they look so old? Hipstamatic!!). It was so inspiring as a future illustrator – it really was a life turning point to see the art made in the world of children’s books.

Fast forward to this year and myself and Anden Wilder had the most incredible email recently when we learnt that we had won the SCBWI Bologna Scholarship!! This incredible opportunity not just means the big costs to attend the fair are covered, but we have the chance to be on the SCBWI stand, do a portfolio review, an illustration battle (!) and meet many amazing people that are part of the SCBWI team.

This is my first trip overseas in ten years (kids and covid!) and I couldn’t be more excited to return, this time as an illustrator and author rather than co-editions seller! I am with an absolutely incredible crew of Australian publishers, illustrators and authors and can’t wait to maximise every moment.

The biggest thanks to SCBWI, the Australian Publishing Stand, and my partner Matt for holding the fort at home. x

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