Finishing off the year!

Well it’s that time again where school hols are about to kick off and summer hits Melbourne. It’s been a really hard year for us in lockdown after lockdown, and the lack of seeing friends, school, travel etc – it really hit me hard. But things are looking brighter with Melbourne kind of finding its groove again, the kids settling into school (well, holidays are coming so that helps too), we got our house fixed up a bit… and new books are on their way!

I thought I would share the upcoming titles. Firstly, Big World, Tiny World: Forest is coming out January 25th! It follows the shining ball (cut out through the whole book) but the perspective changes – from the universe, to earth, to land, to forest, to plants, to tree roots – its a look at the connection of life through it all. Published by Affirm Press and designed by Hannah Janzen, I am thrilled it will be out in a month!

The soon after in March ’22 “Whisper in the Wind” is out – written by Claire Saxby, published by Allen and Unwin. I found this one a lot trickier – it is set at night, in the ocean, with a dreamy and lyrical text. But with the help of super editors and publishers Davina and Nicola and with the amazing manuscript it all came together beautifully!

Along with my family and friends, I think work really helped me get through this tough year (oh and running – a new hobby!). I am looking forward to celebrating these books early next year and hopefully they bring back the good memories of 2021. xx

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