Today we are excited to share a new book, Iceberg! Beautifully written by Claire Saxby, I worked on this book intensely during Melbourne lockdown – homeschooling at night, and travelling to Antarctica at night! It was such a pleasure to work on, and we have just begun receiving some wonderful reviews…

“Saxby’s poetic text and Racklyeft’s illustrations are matched in a dance as integral to each other as the life surrounding the iceberg bringing a new world of wonderment to young readers, one that will open eyes and minds and hearts in a way that will inspire them to know it and protect it in the same way my mum did since her childhood when she stood on the wharf at Bluff and watched the explorers’ ship sail South. “

A big thank you to Nicola Santilli for her guidance editing this book, and to Allen and Unwin for the opportunity to work on it. We also have a book launch on February 20th!

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