Anzac Girl: The War Diaries of Alice Ross-King

In just a couple of weeks, a new book I worked on will be released, Anzac Girl published by Allen and Unwin. This book was a new challenge for me – aimed at a slightly older audience than I normally draw for, and focused on the true story of Alice, written by her great-granddaughter, Kate Simpson  and threading her real diary entries with her beautiful narrative.

I decided a new challenge needed a new technique! So I ended up piecing collage from many sources – the State Library, my own photographs and family archived photos, War Memorial archives and many other sources. It was such a big book to work on with so many “moving parts” but I felt so thrilled with the outcome, and we are very excited to share it with the world.

“The true story of Anzac girl Sister Alice Ross-King, who sailed to war in December 1914 and became the most decorated woman in Australia.

It was 1914 when Sister Alice Ross-King left Australia for the war. Nursing was her passion – all she had ever wanted to do. But Alice couldn’t have imagined what she would see. She served four long years and was brave, humble and endlessly compassionate.

Using extracts from Alice’s actual diaries kept in the Australian War Memorial, this story captures the danger, the heartache and the history of the young nurse who would one day become the most decorated woman in Australia.” – Allen and Unwin

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