Lilla Rogers – Home Decor

So this was a bit of an experiment… The theme for this week was Staffordshire Pottery (featuring very nonchalant animals!) and I ran with a dog “Best in Show” theme, suitable for kids. I think next time I would focus on more abstract design rather than characters as they are hard to translate to a plate (!) however a great experiment for me and I’ll try again soon. Jess_Racklyeft_BestinShow_HomeDecor.jpg

4 thoughts on “Lilla Rogers – Home Decor

  1. I agree that the abstractness of your colours and patterns here are lovely, but I don’t think the animals are necessarily a lost cause! The single dalmatian is sweet, and the lions work really well, creating their own pattern because they’re so monotonal. With the multiple animals, would it be worth trying them in an internal circle? You’d probably want less animals and more space around them, but it could be bunnikins-sweet…

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