Stinky Old Armchair

I have been starting many many books recently… and am beginning to realise how writing children’s books is far harder than I thought (which differs from the opinion of Martin Amis, who’s books I have always loved, and who recently said “‘If I had a serious brain injury I might well write a children’s book”). Hmmm….

So anyway, one of these tales I have begun is about an old man and his beloved couch. His grandson thinks the armchair is ugly, and organises a brand spanking new armchair to replace it.

Something ridiculous like this…

Anyway, the old man is not impressed and drags his old chair back out. The boy is told stories about the chair and the things it has seen and as he begins to fall asleep in its comfortable creases he appreciates everything about it…

The story is not quite there but it is great fun beginning a tale with no real structure and just drawing away, playing with textures and image/illo mixes…. and appreciating those amazing writers who can put together a beautiful tale for kids with an economy of words, every line so important and as colourful as the images that go with it.

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