A Room Of One’s Own

Winston modelling on the couch.

Big desk, and clothes line art hanger complete with pegs.

Cupboard of tools, gocco printer and other fun stuff.

I’ve always wanted to have an art space… rather than the kitchen table sprawl, the lost notebooks around the house, the ink spilled on carpet. Recently Matty kindly built himself a new music studio in our garage, allowing me to shift this art flotsam from around the house into one lovely little den (/guest room), take over the walls with art (rather than crushing them like I usually do) and put little trinkets from life on the shelves. It is currently messy and has lots of work to make it fully functional, but I now have an ART ROOM STUDIO! Woohoo!

I just also had my mum come and stay… Twas lovely to see her, and she left me with more childhood journals and books and a beautiful scarf she made.

4 thoughts on “A Room Of One’s Own

  1. YAY the art roooom has bloooooomed!oh, i feel so far…so much has happenned since ive been gone! the arty room!cant wait to chill in there with winston…

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