A House of Cards

I’ve been working on a new range of cards (I’ve been posting a few of the illustrations over the past couple of months on here) and have put together a few collection options on my Etsy site – 6 pack/12 packs/thank you mix etc. Below is a little photoshoot, slowly slowly I am learning the art of taking a product shot (I must say, rather more difficult than I expected!). They are now available for sale, and hopefully find their merry way mailed around the world!

Etsy Prints



After a long hiatus, I’m back on Etsy having fun with this little Gelli printer and illustrations. I feel like I need a lot more work to make the Etsy space sellable… tagging and promoting and the like, but for the moment it’s an easy way to share my latest bits and bobs – I seem to be making a lot at the moment, go new year’s inspiration go!