Dream Weaving

Since I was a little bean, I’ve had a dream to do picture books. I couldn’t imagine a more amazing job really, drawing pictures that bring amazing stories to life, weaving dreams and pictures. I’ve had fun doing some drawings for self-published author projects, but this week I got some rather amazing news. Through the 52 Week Challenge, I had won a competition the lovely author Tania McCartney ran, to illustrate an upcoming picture book. Whoa! Excitement! Amazement! I thought I’d share a couple of illustrations I created for the submission, and hope to share the process along the way.  Thanks Tania, Anouska (publisher) and the lovely artists from the 52 Week Challenge community for being the dream come true fairies!

submiss2b submissionjr

Makin’ Patterns

I’ve been meaning on learning how to make repetitive patterns in Illustrator for a long time, but finally gave it a crack today (inspired by the 52 Project). Now it isn’t perfect, but this mythological creatures pattern was fun to make (spot the Yeti) and I’m inspired to make more of them! mythology

Week 8: Tree

treesI recently downloaded a trial of Sketchbook Pro – I like the idea of sketching digitally, but not the reality! I think I’ll be sticking with pencil and occasionally Photoshop for now.. But anyways, here is my addition for this week’s challenge – tree.


bearbanjoI’m a bit late to the party, but Ive finally got my act together (read: my baby is finally starting to settle into a few hours of daycare a week!) to join the 52 Week Challenge set up by Tania McCartney.  Anyone can join in – a topic a week, and a good way to brush up (or out) on skills long forgotten – e.g. I think the last time I did cross hatching was in high school (this weeks topic). He is a little rough, but here is my banjo bear contribution…