Spread Magic Not Germs

Ahh, poor Melbourne. We are feeling pretty – glum, concerned, strong, sad, confused, fine – all of the above here! It’s really difficult going back into lockdown take two, but of course, important with the cases of corona rising scarily. Homeschooling has been announced today (it really took it out of us all last time) and my friends are all ranging from feeling powerful to completely flat (again).


But, like last time, sweet ideas are emerging from the dust, and I saw via The Little Bookroom an idea to post window fairies, unicorns, dragons etc – to replace our previous rainbows and teddy bears. I tried to get the kids to help me paint some to no avail (I’m sure, given the choice of homeschool vs craft fairies they will cave in!) but in the meantime I did my own to print for the window and cut out and glitterize, and I thought others might like it too. So here is a downloadable A4 print “Spread Magic Not Germs”.

Here you go, and good luck Melbourne. We can do it! Download: MagicNotGerms

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