Rainbow Papers

I’ve been experimenting with wrapping paper (wallpaper?!) designs…. Good timing to celebrate the rainbow on the internet after the amazing news that the US has moved forward in allowing same sex couples to marry. Move along Australia! wrappingpaperflwoers wrappingpaperzoorepeat

’52 Drawings

I’ve been very disciplined at making sure I do at least one drawing each week for the ’52 Week Illustration Challenge. It’s been a great way to experiment with media, and without some sort of theme I often get stuck on ideas – so loved the weekly prompt to kick me off. Here is a collection from the past few weeks…

Lionel and Molly

A long, long term dream has been to create children’s books, and much to my excitement, the past year has been the beginnings of this – I’ve been working with several publishers on some picture books and board books, hurrah!

Recently the first project was released – two board books, available through Amazon and in the U.S. through Little Bee Books (although sadly not Australia at this stage). Written with my friend Jo, the books are touch and feel for little ones, and were much fun to create. More to come!

LM_TF_Best Friends_COVER LM_TF_Colours_COVER

Herbs and Flowers

It was a lovely change from normal projects to be able to put together a bundle of flowers, herbs and spices for my regular Chinese Medicine clinic, Quiescence. This was just a few from the project, there is about 30 in total… they will be used for business cards and herb labels.

Memoir Cards

You may have seen few posts a fun little card project recently… Another recent project creating milestone cards has been for Jolla Baby. This time I went digital (rather than watercolour) and did the full design rather than just the creatures. Both projects have been really fun, especially since we have a little one on the way very soon!

gridFullSizeRender (5) Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 4.00.37 pm

Pigments and Palettes – Class Workshop

I got a lovely email from Julie Foxall of Kids and Pigs who runs some amazing workshops for kids creating art. For their 10-12 year old watercolour class they took a couple of my works for inspiration and the results really made my day. Thanks so much for sharing Julie! You can see the full post here.

Jess, age 34:

Students’ masterpieces:

Milestone Cards

I recently had a fun project creating watercolour critters for the beautiful stationery company Life is Peachy. They have turned the illustrations into lovely Milestone Cards and can be purchased via their website. A few images from the collection below! 11173346_812062735529791_3947197891812009595_n Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.31.54 am