Memoir Cards

You may have seen few posts a fun little card project recently… Another recent project creating milestone cards has been for Jolla Baby. This time I went digital (rather than watercolour) and did the full design rather than just the creatures. Both projects have been really fun, especially since we have a little one on the way very soon!

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Pigments and Palettes – Class Workshop

I got a lovely email from Julie Foxall of Kids and Pigs who runs some amazing workshops for kids creating art. For their 10-12 year old watercolour class they took a couple of my works for inspiration and the results really made my day. Thanks so much for sharing Julie! You can see the full post here.

Jess, age 34:

Students’ masterpieces:


Recently I was involved with a very fun project, working with the great team at Erstwilder on their “American Diner” jewellery range just released (with more to come soon!). They supply through some great stockists over Australia and the world and this month’s release also has some beautiful Australian Animal pieces.

All images sourced from Erstwilder.

A super fun job and a bit different than my primarily paper-based practice, can’t wait to wear some of these!